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Another Night Swallowed Up
08 February, 2002 :: 6:45 a.m.

Why are the best moments always so fleeting? About 10 minutes ago was perfect, one of those moments that I live for. Still dark, but you can just start seeing the outline of trees and houses and the world is coming back into view. But that's just it, that moment was perfect because the world wasn't back yet. I like being able to block out the rest of the world, I love night. Now there's that grey quality to the morning, it's still pretty, but at the same time depressing because the day will shortly be here. The day last so long, it just drags on for hours; the beautiful moments pass by in a few blinks of the eye. Why isn't there a pause button so you can enjoy those quiet moments longer? Now the day is almost here and all the humans that live in neighboring houses will be up and running around soon. The night feels like it belongs to me, now I have to share--and I hate sharing with the masses.

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