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04 March, 2002 :: 7:10 a.m.

If I could move like Usher or Ginuwine, I'd never walk anywhere ever again...just dance. All the time.

I like Pink and not just because she's hot.

If I had big ugly glasses, I'd hear that I look like Moby even more than I do now.

Dashboard Confessional frigging sucks...go away, far away, far, far away.

I'm torn...this morning feels like Sunday morning (it's not) and it also feels like a day off which would mean it would have to be Tuesday (it's not).

Tomorrow is my day off and it could be...interesting. Nuff said til I see how it actually goes.

I strongly dislike people who talk about suicide as an attention getter. "Hey, pay attention to me...I might not be here tomorrow..." So go already. Before anyone writes yelling at me that, "Hey, talking about suicide is a sign of someone who truly is suicidal and you shouldn't act like it's no big deal..." I already realize this... I also have personally known several people who used it for attention in exactly the way I stated above. An ex-roommate of mine was one of these people...took off from work one night talking of suicide. I had to be the poor schmuck elected to go look for him since we lived together...He was home, just chilling, acting like nothing was wrong (note: his reason for this? a girl he had a crush on at work walked by him one night without acknowledging him)...I told him that next time he threatened to commit suicide and didn't go through with it, I'd kill him and make it look like a suicide. I have no sympathy for someone like that because it makes me weary of people who talk about suicide...wondering if they really mean it or just want someone to notice them...people should take the story of the little boy who cried wolf to heart. As someone who has fought through suicidal feelings without talking to anyone, it's insulting that someone would use that to make people feel sorry for them every time some stupid little thing in life doesn't go their way.

Darren Aronofsky has a strange obsession with peepholes, but he's still brilliant and I kinda like the way he uses them.

I proposed buying Gridlock'd and Trainspotting to go with Requiem for a Dream...then shooting up and watching all three...Em didn't think it sounded like such a good idea...she's right.

Why do white trash people come out at night? Why do they have to bother me at work? Why do these morons decide they MUST go shopping at 2 a.m. and bring their baby along. I'm not a dad, but I'd like to think that if I was I'd be responsible enough to let my child sleep at home rather than dragging him/her out in 15 degree weather in the middle of the night to shop at wal-mart. As I've said before I'm prejudiced...I despise white trash. I'm talking people who look (and smell) as though they bathe maybe once a month, are missing a good portion of their teeth and have the I.Q. of your average second grader.

More to come because my head ain't empty yet...but the other topic in my head goes in other directions best explored by themselves...if I can remember later.

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